March 20, 2018 Jamaluddingroup

Coating Unit

Teflon Coating: With the technical assistance of South Korea, We have started teflon coating in cylinder on commercial basis for the first time in Bangladesh. Use of Teflon Coating in Cylinders in cotton Sizing, Dying and Finishing industries is very essential. In fact, the cylinder becomes unusable because of decay after long time use.


In order to facilitate coating of the cylinder, We have strated Teflon Coating with the help of experienced foreign trained Engineers for last cauple of years. The Characteristics of our plant are one step ahead to your service. As to Teflon Coating, your association is most welcome.

The following are the special features of our Teflon Coating.

Good Quality                   Long Durability

Very High Efficiency      Competitive

Improved Service           Timely Delivery