Quality Service and Reliability is our Goal

Our modest journey started in 1994 with 'Jamaluddin Textile (Pvt.) Ltd'. This is basically woven fabric manufacturer for export garment. By long time journey with textile business now expnded as a knit garments and composite textile Manufacturer's. Our Motto for this journey ' One Stop Service' By respcet of Price, Quality and Service On Time






We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of 100% export oriented Knit garments and Woven Fabric in Bangladesh. Our headquarter is in Motijheel commercial area, Dhaka and factory is located in Narayanganj which is only 27 Km away from Dhaka Airport. We are manufacturing a wide range of products both fro woven ad knit segments of Textile Industry by ensuring better quality and timely shipment for our customers. When we execute orders we pay highest attention to meet quality, specification and timely shipment with a view to achieve satisfaction of our valued customers.


The core business of jamaluddin Group started in 1981 with the flagship trading company “Tania Overseas Limited” and later on, moved to manufacturing of export oriented Woven Fabric under the platform of “Jamaluddin Textile (Pvt.) Limited” in 1994 as a part of business diversification strategy. The latest Addition to this strategy stepped into manufacturing of Knit Garments along with backward support of Knit Dyeing and Knit Fabric production in 2007 under the platform of Zaheen Knitwears Limited.


Our commitment towards customers, Society and work forces includes improving & shaping the future of Ready-made Garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh. With this view, we have set our strategic Planning for further expansion of our factory to adopt with the continuous changing and competitive environment of global textile market and broadening our partnership with the business communities of export oriented textile sector of Bangladesh.


  1. Jamaluddin


The Industry is a 100% Export oriented readymade Knit garments industry located at Keodala, Madonpur, Bandar, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Its consists Knitting, Dyeing Cutting, Sewing, Finishing and office with most Modern machinery in the same floor Premises.


Name of the industry : Zaheen Knitwears Ltd.
Address (Factory) : Keodala, Madanpur,
Bandar, Narayanganj, Bangladesh.
Tel : +880-2-7647748-9
Fax: +880-2-7647749
E-mail: Jamal@jamaluddingroup.com
Corporate Office 28, Dilkusha C/A (11th & 19th Floor), Motijheel, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
: Tel: +880-2-9551127, 9557334, 9571641, 9551636,

Fax: +880-2-9564075

Email: mjuddin@msnbd.net / zkl@msnbd.net
: Website: www.jamaluddingroup.com
Status : Private Ltd. Company
Style of the Company 100% Export Oriented Knit Garments and Woven Fabric Manufacturer
Chairman/ Managing Director : MD. Jamal Uddin
Cell: —————–
Executive Director : Misba Huddoza

Cell: —————-

Banker Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
Foreign Exchange Corporate Branch
41, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Business Areas : Jamaluddin Textile (Pvt.) Limited
Coating of Industrial Cylinders, Yarn Sizing, Weaving
Zaheen Knitwears Limited
Knitting, Dyeing & Garments, Embrodary & Printing
Tania Overseas Limited
Textile & Leather Chemical Trading, Textile Machinery Spares Trading
Chemical for Power Plant
Year of Establishment : Tania Overseas Ltd. (1981)
Jamaluddin Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd. (1994)
Zaheen Knitwears Ltd. (2007)
Our Associations : FBCCI, BTMA, DCCI, BKMEA
Products : T-Shirt, Tank Top, Polo Shirt, Sweet Shirt, Shorts, Under Wear, Long Pant, Poller Fleece Etc.
Production Capacity : Knitting Unit 155 Metric Ton / Month
Dyeing Unit 250 Metric Ton / Month Printing Unit
Printing Unit 500000 Pcs / Month
Garments Unit 800000- 900000 Pcs / Month
Number of Employees : 1150
Lead time : ———- Days upon confirmation of orders with all other details.
Conference Room : It is wide & reserved for the Buyers.
Inspection Room : 11 Inspection room for Buyers.
Sample Section : It’s Consists with most modern machinery & space.
Emergency Exit Signboard : Emergency Exit Sign board marked for easy evacuation.
First Aid : First Aid boxes are kept in perfect place.
Medical Facility : An M.B.B.S Doctor appointed for the treatment of worker.
Accident Logbook : Accident log book is regular maintained.
Emergency Medical Procedure : Emergency Medical Procedure has been set up.
Emergency Telephone No : Emergency Telephone No specially Fire,
Hospital hanged in available place.
Child Labors : No child labors.
Fire Extinguisher : Placed in proper place.
Fire Drill Logbook Maintained : Emergency evacuation drill logbook is regularly


Knitting Unit

Our knitting unit is being operated in a floor space of 9100 sqft and total manpower engaged for running the unit is 45. By dint of quality, timely delivery and professionalism, we have become a reliable source of all kinds of Single Jersey Cotton, TC, Pique, Rib, Lacost, Interlock producer in Bangladesh We have latest Models circular knitting machines (Pai Lung) from world class manufactures having added features. It has become one to the renowned Cotton and TC knit fabric producer in Bangladesh.


Our Machine Details are following:

SL# M/C Type Dia GG No. of Feeder Qty. (Pc) TR Remarks
1 Single Jersey 18″ 24 54 01 04
2 Single Jersey 20″ 24 60 01 04
3 Single Jersey 22″ 24 66 01 04
4 Single Jersey 24″ 24 72 01 04
5 Single Jersey 26″ 24 78 01 04
6 Single Jersey 28″ 24 84 01 04
7 Single Jersey 30″ 24 90 01 04
8 Single Jersey 32″ 24 96 01 04
9 Single Jersey 34″ 24/28 102 01 04 Fleece 20 GG
10 Single Jersey 36″ 24/28 108 01 04
11 Single Jersey 38″ 24/28 114 01 04
12 Single Jersey 40″ 24/28 120 01 04
13 Rib / Interlock 32″ 18/24 64 01 2X4 08 Lock
14 Rib / Interlock 36″ 18/24 72 01 2X4 08 Lock
15 Rib / Interlock 38″ 18/24 76 01 2X4 08 Lock
16 Rib / Interlock 40″ 18/24 80 01 2X4 08 Lock
17 Rib / Interlock 42″ 18/24 84 01 2X4 08 Lock


Note: All Machines are full feeder Lycra attachment 06 Flat Machine-14 GG with double bed (Kauo Heng)


Dyeing Unit

Our entire Dyeing unit is being installed and operated in a floor space of 600000 sqft and total manpower engaged for running the unit is 195. B dint of quality, timely delivery and professionalism, we become a reliable dye house of all kinds of single jersey cotton, TC, CVC, pique, Rib, Lacost, Interlock producer in Bangladesh.


We have Latest Models of Dyeing Machines (Fong’s) from world class Manufactures having added features.


Lab Section

SL# Description of Machine Brand Origin Capacity
01 Dyeing Machine 02 (Two) set Starlet Korea 12 Pot X 2
02 Washing machine 01 set Starlet Korea 12 Pot
03 Wascator 01 set SDL U.K 5-10 Kg
04 Tumble Dryer 01 set SDL U.K 5-10 Kg
05 Oven Dryer SDL U.K 5-10 Kg
06 Croco meter SDL U.K 5-10 Kg
07 Light Box – Available light sources SDL U.K 5-10 Kg
08 Spectra Photometer (Computerized Color Machine) 01 set Mc. Beth U.S.A 5-10 Kg
09 Digital Balance Kerm Germany 300 Gm

Batch Section

SL# Description of Machine Nos / Quantity
01 Fabric Turning Machine 02 Sets
02 Weighing Blacne 02 Sets
03 Overlock (Sewing Machine) 02 Sets


Our per month production capacity is 250 Metric Ton.


Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):

With Commitments to keep the environment clean, and to fulfill social obligations, our factory is fully covered by compliance with ETP (Effluent Treatment plant) from the manufacturer aqua tech Engineering Service Ltd. Its Capacity is 40M/hr.


Dyeing Machine Details:

SL# Mc# Atmospheric Condition Model No. No. of tubes Brand Origin Capacity (kg)
01 Winch#1 High Pressure HSJ 1 Fong’s China 50
02 Winch#1 High Pressure HSJ 1 Fong’s China 100
03 Winch#1 High pressure HSJ 1 Fong’s China 250
04 Winch#1 High Pressure HSJ 2 Fong’s China 500
05 Winch#1 Atmospheric Pressure Eco-38 1 Fong’s China 250
06 Winch#1 Atmospheric Pressure Eco 2 Fong’s China 500
07 Winch#1 Atmospheric Pressure Eco 3 Fong’s China 750
08 Winch#1 Atmospheric Pressure Eco 4 Fong’s China 1000
09 Winch#1 Atmospheric Pressure Eco 2 Fong’s China 500
10 Winch#1 Atmospheric Pressure Eco 3 Fong’s China 750
11 Sample M/C-1 Atmospheric Pressure 1 Local 10
12 Sample M/C-2 Atmospheric Pressure 1 Local 20
13 Sample M/C-3 Atmospheric Pressure 1 Local 30


Finishing Section

Name of Machine Brand Model Country of Origin Capacity
Back Sewing Machine Comatex 11840217 Italy 05 Ton
Slitting Machine Bianco TERTP002241C0114 Italy 08 Ton
Stenters Machine Buckner Power Frame VN Germany 10 Ton
Open Compacting Machine Lafer 10A2L4564 Italy 08 Ton


Finishing Section

SL# Description of Machine Brand Origin
01 Blooming Squeezer Bianco Italy
02 Dryer M/C (4 Chamber, 3 Passage System) Tong. Yang. Taiwan
03 Soft Setting Calendar-01 Set Dong-Nam Korea
04 Heat Set Machine 01 Set Dong-Nam Korea
05 Compacting Machine Fab-Con. U.S.A


Utility Section

Sl# Description of Machine Brand Origin
01 Gas Generator – 950 KVA 01 set Caterpillar U.S.A
02 Air Compressor 4000Ltrs/Minute X 2 Unit Kaeser Germany
03 Water Pump Summer Sear Pump 01 (size- 14″X6″) no-1 K.S.B India
04 Steam Boiler (6.3 Tons) Including Condensed Water Recovery System Hurst U.S.A
05 Water Softening Plan – 100000 Ltrs/Hrs India
06 Effluent Treatment Plant India


Garments Unit

Our garments unit is being operated in a floor space of 60000 sqft and total manpower engaged for running the unit is  450 currently we have 6 sewing lines with oil free dry head machine with the capacity of 350000-400000 pcs in a month. We have latest models of Sewing machines (Brother and Pegasus) from world class manufacturers having added features.


Cutting and finishing division are also well equipped with most modern steam blowing and vacuum table and conveyer / hand – held type needle and metal detector.


We also have product development and design department which provides our customers not only execution of customers given design but also with our in house new design and ideas. Our embroidery and printing section under garments unit is under consideration which is aimed to set up shortly.


Our Machine Details are following:

Sl# Description of Machine Brand Qty
01 Single Needle (Plain Machine) Brother 64
02 Two Needle Feed of te Arm Brother 02
03 Button Hole Brother 02
04 Button Stitch Brother 02
05 Bar Tack Brother 01
06 Four Thread Over Lock Pegasus 100
07 Interlock (Flatbed) Pegasus 12
08 Iterlock (Cylinder bed) Pegasus 18
09 Two Needle Chain Stitch Pegasus 02
10 Cloth Cutting 8″ K.M 18
11 Cloth Cutting 10″ K.M 02
12 Fusing press Hasima 01
13 Rib Cutting 02
14 End Cutter K.M 01
15 Thread RE-winder Hasima 01
16 Thread Suction Nisho 01
17 Steam Iron Nisho 18
18 Vacuum Ironing Table Nisho 18
19 Neeedle Detactor Hasima 01


Compliance Concern:

With growing stage of garments industry and large demands of export goods around the world, compliance plays a major part of structure in Bangladesh compliance means conforming to a specification or policy, standard or lqw that has been clearly defined.


As such, Zaheen Knitwears Ltd. has to apply social systems in meeting the standards. Facility made rules and procedures based on the applicable local labor law and regulations and as per buyer’s requirement.


Jamaludding Textiles (Pvt.) Limited started its commercial production with one of the modern and dynamic setup of personal’s and technology for 100% export oriented woven fabric manufacturer in Bangladesh in 1994 with a factory space of 60000 sqft and 260 dedicated work force, it has become one of the renowned cotton and T/C fabric producer in Bangladesh. Specially Twill, Canvas, Sheeting, polyester, Bedford cord, Poplin etch


Weaving Machine Details:

Name of Machine Country of Origin No. of Machine Production Capacity Meter/Day
Ishikawa (Rapier) Japan 80 7000 Meter
Saurer S-400 (Rapier Switzerland 24 3500 Meter
Tsudakoma (Air-Jet) Japan 24 6000 Meter


Sizing Unit

Warping Machine Details:

Name of Machine Country of Origin No. of Machine
Benninger Germany 2
Samsung Korea 2


Sizing Machine Details:

Name of Machine Country of Origin No. of Machine
Sucker Muller Germany 1
Ruti Switzerland 1
Samsung Korea 1


Performance with the Overseas Buyers at a glance:


Buyers  Name Country
Matalan United Kingdom
Sainsbury United Kingdom
Dunnes United Kingdom
Best & Less Australia
Target Australia
Okatomoto Germany
Newyorker Germany
Oodgi Russia
Modis Russia
Cencosud /Paris Chili
Mana Slovenia
Sogesma Belgium
Celox Hong Kong
Defacto Turkey